Trip Photos


Late last year one of the Club Members, Warren,  spent some time in organising a trip to the Oxley Islands.  This small group of Islands are situated some 50 k's of the coast on the eastern side of the Coburg Peninsular and due east of Croker Island.  To get there you have to drive out to Arnhem Land, cross the East Alligator River, which is where the bitumen stops.  Then onto the gravel, past Oenpelli Turn off, so far you've done about 300 k's and head north.  At time the road can be horrible to say the least.


Anyway a group of them went and had a total ball, very much a tropical set of Islands with every imaginable species you can think of and according to so of the lads, bone fish as well.


So here is a very small selection of fish from one of the trip members.  More to come when they send them in.


OnthewaytoOxleyIslan1.jpg - largeRunningrepairs.jpg - largeTheroadwasabitroughm1.jpg - largeYupsurewas.jpg - largeKymDunstanLoadedUp-O1.jpg - largeKymwhatareyoulooking1.jpg - largeLoadedUponsomething-1.jpg - largeNiceCodGeorge-OxleyIs.jpg - largeNoTrevalliesLikethat1.jpg - largeOxleyIslands.jpg - largeOnthewaytoOxleyIslan2.jpg - large




Our Club President BC with a nice Queenfish


Glenn "The Harbour  Master" Hubble's 81cm Queenie