Members Reports and Stories

Here are some recently submitted Reports.  Just click on the links some even have "U Tube" links.  Just remember, don't close the stories when you have finished just click on the back button to go back to the webpage. 


Oxley Island Trip - 2015


Tim Harding and Tony O - Bynoe Harbour 2017 


Gavin Christison - Corroboree Billabong 2016 - Click HERE


Daniel Harding - Another King Ash Fish Expedition 2016 - Click HERE


Daniel Harding - King Ash Bay May 2015 - Click HERE


New Member G - Land Based - Click HERE


Hubble on the SOUTH ALLIGATOR - Click HERE




MAY 2014 "Has James Bond Visited the Tiwi Islands"  Quinten Pope sent in some pictures and the basic facts - read the story to find out just how inventive Quinten has to be to land the big fish over on the Islands.  Click HERE


MAY 2014 The "Territory Towel-ups" are already fine tuning their skills for the Saltwater Challenge - Quinten Pope AKA "Q" and Glenn "The Harbour Master" Hubble hit Darwin Harbour.  Click HERE


JUNE 3rd NT NEWS article by HIRO NAKAMURA , courtesy of NT NEWS Lifestyle section Click HERE


Billfish Expedition, A Report that the WebMaster wrote but hasn't been on the web before.  Click HERE


Saltwater Challenge.  A couple of years ago Aaron Scott a journalist with Inside SPORT attended the Saltwater Challenge and did a good article on the competition, Entitled Let's Fly  (Article courtesy of Inside Sport) its a great read for those who want to fish the competition in 2014.  Click HERE


Warren Jeffery has given us links to several videos from UTube that he has been working on, here are the links:

Bill Fish on Fly

King Ash Bay Barramundi 2014 Part One (some dark side but good to watch).

Vernon Islands (With a much younger Jarryd)



BC with a big queenie on a 8 weight TFO


Bill PB Saratoga with BC at Corroboree


BC about the One that Did'nt





Corroboree Billabong


Glenn "The Harbour  Master" Hubble's 81cm Queenie